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Secure method of sending and receiving files, on demand, securely, via DXOP.

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DataExpress: Secure Managed File Transfer

Business will not tolerate the compromising of critical data, or delays caused by non-delivery of crucial business information, nor should they. Using DataExpress, your data transmissions are managed using the very latest security methods, scalable and adaptable to suite your unique environment. dxop_fp

Can your business afford not to protect against potential data violation?  
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rbaROLE-BASED AUTHORITY To precisely control the functions that users can access within the system. processPROCESS CONTROL & SETUP Multi-step job functions to automate moving and processing data. schedulingSCHEDULING Jobs can be setup for execution at any time, day or night including holidays.
emailNOTIFICATIONS & ALERTS Notices of success and failure of transmission by email to anyone. securitySECURITY Four separate layers of security:SSH2, SSL, TLS, PGP, DES, 3DES, AES, Blowfish. routingROUTING Transfer incoming and outgoing files, local and remote from one endpoint to another.
reportingREPORTING 32 pre-built reports in the base package plus a report creation tool. compressionCOMPRESSION For larger files as part of the managed process. runtaskRUN TASK The scheduler can run outside programs, scripts etc as part of the DataExpress process.
monitoringMONITORING Detailed job monitoring screens and logs to actively monitor the file transmission activity. dbDATABASE INTEGRATION Open up the files and access the data itself. ad-hoc  AD-HOC TRANSFER  providing an easy and secure method of sending and receiving files, on demand, securely, without requiring work from the recipient.
Interceptor no background EMAIL INTERCEPTOR          
Control and secure email attachments!